The Announcement About The Civil Society

Madrid Büyükelçiliği 26.04.2015


The Ministry for EU Affairs has implemented the “Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and Turkey (CSD) Project” since 2008 with the aim of promoting cooperation among civil societies in the EU and Turkey. The project is funded under the “Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA)”.

The first phase of the project comprising the years 2008-2009, funded 119 projects with a budget amountingto 19.3 million Euros. Supported priority areas were “Towns and Municipalities”, “Professional Organizations”, “Universities” and “Youth Initiatives for Dialogue”. The second phase of the project (2010-2012) funded 97 projects with a budget amounting to 5,3 million Euros in the fields of “Agriculture and Fisheries”, “Culture and Arts” and “Micro Grant”.

Now under implementation, the third phase of the project was commenced in October 2014. It is comprised of three components being “Political Criteria”, “Media” and “Media Dialogue Seminars”. Currently, 55 projects are in the implementation phase. The total budget is 7 million Euros.

In early 2015, the preparations for the fourth phase of the project, “Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and Turkey IV (CSD IV)”, have gained impetus. The project is supported with a total budget of 11 million Euros. 9 priority areas are supported with separate grant schemes. The calls for proposals for them have been announced between 27th February and 4th March 2015.

Priority areas are the following: Environment; Energy; Consumer and Health
Protection; Justice, Freedom and Security; Right of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services; Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Elements; Enterprise and Industrial Policy; Agriculture and Fisheries; and Education.

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